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Little Keefy Pillow Puffs Packaging Design

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Client: One Family

Designed the box packaging for 2 flavours of the Little Keefy Pillow Puffs product line. Apart from the Little Keefy logo and mascot character, everything else was created by hand! Even the food photography (never knew it would be so difficult to cleanly slice a biscuit in half..) was taken by me. I’ve seen some stock in Popular and various provision shops, have you bought one yet?

Climate Change Motion Graphics

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My submission for National Climate Change Competition 2013. Narrated, illustrated, and compiled by yours truly.

Also,  it was selected and screened at:
Think Forward Film Festival (held in Venice, 6 December 2013)
Think Forward Film Festival at FAO: selection of the best short films from the 2013 International Competition (held in Rome, 13 February 2014)